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We are Dusan Sidor Sr. and Dusan Sidor Jr. A father & son goalie-coaching team, both former professional goaltenders with an unmatched passion for the position.

Over 30 years in the making, our training methods have been developed, studied and tested by our goalies and have proven to be successful by producing NHL starters and olympians. We have helped goaltenders in the best leagues around the globe reaching their full potential and were able to keep injuries at bay.

We call our training method the “Tendy” method, because it is centered around the position and everything we do serves the purpose of building a modern goaltender rather than “just” an athlete. We always work leaning on our four pillars of success: Goalie specific off-ice and on-ice training, detailed analysis and recovery of the body and mind.

Dusan Sidor Sr.

Dusan Sidor Sr.´s passion for goaltending started in 1961 at the age of five, when he strapped on pads for the first time and was hooked ever since. Dusan Sr. spent his playing career in the former CSSR until the iron curtain fell in 1991 when he decided to move west to become a goalie coach and teach his craft. Career highlights as an active goalie include winning the U18 CSSR championship, playing for the U20 CSSR national team with legends like Peter Stastny and winning the Slovak championship. Coaching career highlights include winning the Italian Serie A championship, both Swiss NLA and NLB championships, winning the Swiss cup and developing two NHL draft picks (now NHL starters) from a young age.

At the time when Dusan Sr. started his coaching career, goalie coaches were a rare sight, so he is truly a pioneer of goalie coaching. With over 35 years of coaching experience with goaltenders of all levels, countless hours spent studying and perfecting goaltending techniques, Dusan Sidor is now recognized as one of the best goaltending coaches in the world.

Dusan Sidor Jr.

It was clear from a very young age that Dusan Jr. would follow his father´s footsteps and become a goaltender. Dusan Jr. grew up playing European youth hockey before moving on to play junior hockey in the North American Hockey League (NAHL) in 2007, where he earned a commitment to play NCAA D1 college hockey in the WCHA and then went on to play professional hockey in Europe. Playing career highlights include winning the Italian U18 and U20 Championships and the French D1 Championship. At the age of 16, Dusan Jr. got actively involved in coaching alongside his father and mentor Dusan Sidor Sr. during the off season and started coaching professionally immediatley after his active playing career.

 Dusan Jr. was able to experience goalie coaches from various countries and backgrounds during his playing career, which allowed him to study and compare different goaltending and coaching styles from around the globe and pick out what he thought to be best and most efficient. With more than 15 years of coaching experience and having only recently played professionally Dusan Jr. knows both sides of the trade inside and out.